Halloween Talent Haunt..!!! Terms & Conditions..

Boo! Didn’t mean to frighten you over there, we just wanted to bring this to your attention. Everyone has some special skills or talents, but not everyone gets the chance to showcase them, however TCSConnect is offering you a chance to bring your skills to the fore by being a part of TCSConnect’s Halloween Talent Haunt”. So sink into the Halloween mood, let your talents come out and be…

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Dany: Champ 4 Tablet for Little Champions

Technological advancement is being carried out day by day and as fast as it is progressing so is our kids. It becomes quite evident, according to a survey that kids love to spend time on their parents Smartphones and Tablet PC’s for playing games, thus distancing themselves from their academics resulting in low grades.

Dany Technologies realized this fact and came up with an idea of introducing Dany Champ 4

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Boss Day: What to Gift, What Not to Gift?

In the workplace, giving gifts to boss is tricky thing, you give an expensive gift and it feels like you’re showing off, gift nothing and you can land yourself in an awkward situation where you come off as an unappreciative employee. If you are hanging between what to gift and what not to gift and want to save yourself from an embarrassing situation then you should read these tips…

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Haier: Say Hello to The New Friendroid!

People have finally “hung up” on the days when phones or even mobile phones were strictly used for placing calls only. With the passage of time and help of technological advancement smartphones paved their way into the lives of people, and today it’s no surprise that people in Pakistan are upgrading themselves to the latest smartphones available in the market.

One such latest addition in the…

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Vote For Your Favorite “Talk like a Pirate” entries!

Talk Like A Pirate Day

Vote for your favorite “Talk Like a Pirate” entries!


This competition is now closed. Winner will be announced on Tuesday, 30th of September 2014.

Here are the finalists for the Talk like a Pirate competition, just follow the link beneath each participant’s name to vote!

Finalist #1: (Saad Majeed)

Finalist #2: (Aftab Haider)

Finalist #3: (Hira Rajput)

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